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Plan, prepare and provide successful team away days

Off-site days are a fantastic opportunity to take a break from the daily grind, help people to get to know each other even better and build a sense of trust and teamwork amongst your employees. Especially with hybrid and remote working, and teams based in multiple locations, these days are a chance to step out of the day to day and into a new environment where you can work together in a fresh and memorable setting.

Off-site days can also offer a chance to learn new skills, expand horizons, and push people out of their comfort zones. By participating in development activities and challenges, your people will develop more trust and respect for each other whilst discovering new ways to collaborate and communicate effectively. These days are also a fantastic opportunity to bring teams together, boost motivation levels, and reconnect with a shared vision and drive for future success.

Have you considered including a speaker in the schedule?

We can provide you with a speaker for an hour, half-day or full day depending on what suits you best. We have an experienced team of experts covering a wide variety of topics that can be customised to your needs. Our speakers help harness the potential within individuals, teams and your organisation and take it to the next level.

With over 25 years of experience, we blend solid business pragmatism with profound transformational change. We’re brave enough to challenge, courageous enough to ask the tough questions and bold enough to go where others fear to tread. ‘Inspiring’ is the most consistent feedback we receive. We live our values: Inspiring, Fresh, Commercial, Authentic, Purposeful, Catalytic and Collaborative. Let us share this with your people.

Speaking topic suggestions include:

  1. Motivation & Teamworking
    a. Ignite the Fire Within – How to motivate yourself and others, be unstoppable! 
    b. Mojo – The secret sauce for personal happiness and thriving teams
    c. What Colours are you? – Work better together for success.
  2. Leadership and Performance
    a. Future-proof your leadership – Be a Full Potential Leader, a provocative call to make a dramatic difference.
    b. VITAL Communication – Effective conversations,  coaching the new superpower! 
    c. AMP it up: Activate More Potential – change your mindset and activate 30% more potential!
  3. Wellbeing & Resilience
    a. Neuro Agility – the smarter, better, faster way of boosting your mental wellbeing.
    b. Tap into your wellbeing – finding the balance.

What you’ll get

Motivational and inspiring speaker for 1-hour, 2-hours, half a day or a full day, whatever you need to make your team away days successful and valuable.

Retain and fast-track
your key talent

Enhance your agility
and flexibility

Close any
talent gaps

Confidently manage
change and uncertainty

Strengthen your
leadership pipeline

Future proof
your leaders

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