Coaching & Mentoring Culture

Coaching is the most successful way to help people grow in their careers and unleash their potential.

Creating a coaching and mentoring culture enables an organisation to unlock more potential in every single employee. A coaching leadership style is the approach that creates a culture of high performance. Characteristics of this culture are collaboration, empowerment, and fulfilment. Using coaching and mentoring skills as a natural part of the way people lead and interact everyday grows the capability of each individual, co-creating a more successful business. It’s about empowering each team member to be the best version of themselves, enhancing well-being, learning new skills, and improving overall productivity, performance, and retention. A coaching culture is a place where authentic leaders and managers help people to grow, thrive and perform through effective conversations and honest feedback underpinned by trust.

Key outcomes of a coaching culture include:

  • Improved talent retention, leadership pipeline and succession
  • Higher employee engagement, motivation, and wellbeing
  • Thriving, sticky, high-performance culture
  • Improved business performance and results

At Full Potential we focus on 3 fundamental steps

  1. Start at the Top. Creating a coaching culture starts at the top with the C-suite, engendering senior-level support, establishing inspirational role models, empowering their people with a coaching approach.
  2. Trickle Down. After senior leaders are inspiring the culture shift, mid-level leaders drive coaching as a day-to-day way of leading, making coaching a habit, implementing a coaching model, and encouraging the application of coaching skills on the job, developing internal coaching and mentoring relationships.
  3. Foster a high performance culture of reinforced learning. Create accountability, sustainability, and encourage stakeholder support. Embed coaching into the organisation’s growth strategy, HR policies and performance management processes, for long term impact.

A coaching culture creates a climate where people can freely:

  • Give and receive feedback;
  • Support and stretch each other’s thinking;
  • Challenge each other with support, and stress-test ideas where appropriate;

Four principles that define effective coaching;

  • building trust
  • unlocking potential
  • creating commitment
  • executing goals.

Make sustainable support systems your standard.

We have coached and trained thousands of employees in hundreds of organisations to build their coaching capability and unlock the potential of those around them. We will customise workshop content, aligning it with your values, behaviours, competencies, purpose and vision.

We have tools, training, and coaching experts ready to help you embed sustainable support systems into your organisation. We will help you create a coaching culture that will stick for the long term.

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What you’ll get

A modular and blended approach to equip leaders with the mindset and skills to coach as part of their leadership style, using a combination of a 360 degree feedback tool, online learning, webinars and one-to-one coaching platforms.

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Enhance your agility
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Close any
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Future proof
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“Just wanted to let you know that I got soooo much out of the Coaching Skills course last Wednesday - mainly due to your amazing skills of perception and patience. I feel privileged to have attended, and during one of the coaching exercises it hit me how to resolve a work problem I've had for a while. By 11am the next morning, I'd had 3 short meetings and the whole issue was resolved. A BIG THANK YOU!!”

Amber Telford Mott MacDonald

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