Defining Purpose, Values & Behaviours

The foundational blocks for driving success

Behind every successful organisation is a clear purpose and meaning defining what they do. This outlines the values they work with and towards, which creates a culture and behaviour that the teams follow. Purpose, values, and behaviour – these are the building blocks ensuring success in every successful team. So, how can you define these foundational aspects of your business?


Every organisation has a reason for existing. Defining and communicating this purpose is the first step in creating a culture of engagement and shared values. Purpose describes why you exist and what you aim to achieve. It needs to be authentic, inspiring, and relevant to all stakeholders.


A clear set of guiding principles defines how your organisation behaves and what it stands for. They provide a common language for decision-making, help to align actions with the organisation’s purpose and create a sense of belonging and identity among employees.


Actions and attitudes that support your organisation’s values and purpose. Behaviours define how employees will act and interact with each other, customers, and stakeholders. They need to be clear, measurable, and aligned with the organisation’s culture and values.

Defining purpose, values, and behaviours is critical for building a healthy and sustainable organisational culture.

These three building blocks provide a clear framework for decision-making, help attract and retain top talent and foster a sense of shared ownership and accountability. When developing these aspects, you also help build trust and credibility with customers and stakeholders, who are increasingly looking for organisations that align with their values and priorities.

We will provide you with a culture audit, consultancy and experiential events to help you define your purpose, values, and behaviours and integrate them into your organisational culture. Our approach focuses on creating a shared vision that inspires employees, developing values that guide decision-making and defining behaviours that support the organisation’s goals.

We help businesses develop a sustainable culture that drives engagement, innovation, and growth through consultancy, facilitation and meaningful conversations to embed the organisational purpose, values and behaviours.

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An honest evaluation of the organisation’s purpose, values and behaviours to provide insights. Unique training and coaching programs to redefine and embed purpose and values with colleagues and team members.

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