Our Approach

We create business growth by unleashing the talent within your organisation. We’re passionate about the potential of people and the transformational impact of leadership in driving exponential performance and return on investment.

Established in 1998, we’ve partnered with over 2,000 organisations, growing their talent, building confidence and capability, shifting mindsets, behaviours and beliefs and skilling over 500,000 people to realise more of their potential.

We can deliver directly into your organisation with experiential, leading-edge facilitation, coaching, mentoring and blended on-line learning OR help you build your own internal capability with train-the-trainer for long-term sustainability.

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Our purpose is to inspire ambitious organisations, teams and individuals to realise their full potential.

We partner with businesses who believe people are their greatest asset and want to optimise their capability, competence and confidence for real growth.

With over 20 years of experience, we blend solid business pragmatism with profound transformational change. Clients enjoy a ‘catalytic’ partnership with us, where we get under the skin of a business and its people. We’re brave enough to challenge, courageous enough to ask the tough questions and bold enough to go where others fear to tread. ‘Inspiring’ is the most consistent feedback we receive.

We live our values: Inspiring, Fresh, Commercial, Authentic, Purposeful, Catalytic and Collaborative.


How we partner with clients



Over the years I have been fortunate to have worked with a wide range of very good suppliers / partners.  Within this group is a small core of organisations who I know I can trust to go the extra mile and deliver great outcomes under, sometimes (well, usually, actually!) quite unreasonable conditions and timeframes.  FPG are certainly one of these.” 

Head of Learning and Development 
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