Neuro Agility

Optimise brainpower,
increase the ease, speed, and flexibility of learning, boost performance and wellbeing

Neuro Agility closes performance gaps on mind-brain elements that impact the ease, speed, and cognitive flexibility with which people learn, think, and process information. Until now these elements have rarely been addressed.

Becoming accredited in Neuro Agility enables you to apply the latest findings in neuroscience. You will gain new insights into how people learn, how talented they are, their potential risk for error, and how to help individuals, teams and organisations harness their brainpower, boost their performance and wellbeing. Anchored in neuroscience you will enable people to improve their agility, working smarter, not harder. Research proves agile organisations have:

  • 37% greater employee productivity
  • 34% better response to customer needs
  • 58% better skills to meet the demands of the future

Certified Neuro Agility Practitioner (NAP™) Training

NAP training is the most advanced and comprehensive brainpower programme that exists for people development professionals. 

Become part of the neuro agility community, a fast-growing global network of people and organisations using neuro agility assessments and learning solutions to improve brain fitness, mental flexibility, wellbeing, and performance.

Why choose NAP accreditation?

When you become a NAP practitioner, you add a powerful system of neuroscience assessments and learning solutions to your people development toolbox. Stay relevant and expand your skillset. Constant disruptive change has created a VUCA world of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. Neuro Agility accelerates current and future skills needed to thrive in a disruptive world. The World Economic Forum (WEF) and the Association for Talent Development (ATD), project that brain power skills are one of the most desired skill sets required to be progressive, successful, employable and competitive. High-performing, neuro agile workers, teams, and leaders, are quickly becoming the “secret ingredient” for personal and organizational success. By helping enhance the brain power skills of people, teams, leaders, and companies, you empower them to achieve unparalleled success in a technologically advanced world.

What are the benefits?

  • Purchase NAP assessments and learning solutions at highly discounted prices
  • Workshop tools and resources
  • Your own Neuro Agility back office to manage your reports for maximum cost effectiveness
  • Ongoing support from Full Potential helping you tailor Neuro Agility to address your challenges
  • Membership of the highly supportive Neuro Agility community for ongoing development

Who can become accredited?

A wide variety of professionals in the field of people development use Neuro Agility as part of their toolbox:

  • HR, Learning and Development and Talent Management professionals
  • Business Consultants, Coaches, Trainers, Therapists, and Psychologists
  • Teachers and Lecturers

What does the certification involve?

Neuro Agility Practitioner training combines self-paced online learning, live webinars, and interactive experiential Zoom sessions enabling you to learn how to debrief people on various NAP assessments for adults, students, and children. Live in person training is also available.

Program content consists of the following:

  • Experience your personal NAP™ brain profile assessment
  • Brain regions, how the brain works, and brain basics related to Neuro Agility
  • Neuro Agility and why it matters
  • Drivers that optimise brain performance and brain health
  • Elements of your neurological design (neuro-design)
  • How to debrief the NAP™
  • Neuro Agility solutions – the Brain Agility Booster Program
  • Case studies
  • Practical and theoretical assignments

During your certification and afterwards, you have access to 25hrs of Neuro Agility video content, you also receive a Neuro Agility manual and practitioner resources including videos, articles, and slide decks. Once you become accredited you will be invited to join the Neuro Agility practitioner community for ongoing learning and development opportunities.

Listen to Dr Andre Vermeulen, Neuroscience of Learning Specialist and Originator of Neuro-agility, talk about how the brain processes change.

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